Down The Rabbit Hole: Episode 8

After a long break from music, Down The Rabbit Hole is back! Sorry that I didn’t update this podcast the last few months but the Big Room genre isn’t nearly as active as it used to be. If I were to continue this podcast I might have to change genres. I want it to be the same type of high energy feel but with deep house and progressive house holding the EDM interest, I haven’t found anything yet. Until a new genre that goes hard enough to pacify my thirst for insane sound I might have to make a few episodes that are out of the ordinary.

I’d like to apologize to my loyal listeners personally and I promise to make a guest mix next month that will most likely be 1:30:00 or 2:00:00 long. Also I am working on some of my own hard hitting house as well! Keep an ear out on my soundcloud and facebook.


Download Here

Download Here


Sean&Bobo – Drop The Bass Low
Rave Radio – The Chant
Beatjunkx & LoaX – Russian Roulette
ZINKO – Speak Out
Dirty Audio & Jake Sgarlato – Back Streets Back
Clarx & LoaX – Everybody
Bassthunder – Flawless
Chamber – Flip Like A Renegade (White Vox Remix)
Denvo – Dynosaurus
JayyFresh – Headchange
WHYEL – Thunk
Chuckie & Diamond Pistols (ft. Hyper Crush) – BANG!
Ronyz – Punchline
Furn&Bmo – Nuclear
DSKOTEK – Pop That
ZAV – Nova
Rivero & Timmo Hendriks – Offensive (Original Mix)




Down The Rabbit Hole: Episode 4 (Special Halloween Edition!)

The fourth episode of the monthly Down The Rabbit Hole podcast. This is a special Halloween episode that features some of the dirtiest drops I could find. I hope everyone enjoys!

Download Here

Download Here

Will Sparks – This is What The Bounce is
Maroon 5 – Mapps (Will Sparks Remix)
Tommy Sunshine – Supa Hot Fiya (Sir Matty V Remix)
J-Trick – Bouncin
Deorro & MAKJ – READY!
BREEZE n’ KODA – Pumpkin Bounce (Halloween H20 Edit)
Pex L – Happy Halloween
Bassthunder – Flawless
Zandex & Aventa – Bald Eagle
Yellow Claw – DJ Turn it Up (TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! Remix)
INDO – MoBownce
David Guetta feat. Sam Martin – Dangerous (Xeniumdei Bootleg)
Sory Escobar – MonsterLand
Snails & Antiserum – Wild (Henry Fong Remix)
Michael White & Appearance – Most Wanted
Borgeous & Tony Junior vs Dicer – Break The House Down (BHR Bootleg)
MOTi – Don’t Go Lose It (Mysto & Pizzi, Moiez Bootleg)

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